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 10 Your business   May 2020   IT Outsourcing for the SME Technology has a funny sense of timing. Why is it that problems always seem to occur when you are at your busiest? Now, we could bore you with the reasons this might be; Disk Space, CPU, RAM... Or we could cut through the noise, fix the issue and allow you to focus on running your business. This is exactly what Labyrinth Technology do. We will work as an extension of your team, detecting issues before they impact your business and responding fast when you do need support. We understand that choosing an IT company can be a complex maze to navigate. It can be hard to decide which option is right for your business. To help with this, Labyrinth have created a FREE practical guide to help you choose the right Business IT Support. To get your copy, simply email us at:                    Speaking up for London business  LCCI in the news by Steven Reilly-Hii I’m sure that many LBM readers will agree with me when I say that we thought the Brexit period was keeping us busy. But then came along coronavirus! The media demand for LCCI comment and interviews with LCCI member during this time remains very high indeed. We believe that it’s vital that the Chamber maximises every oppor- tunity to stand up for the interests of business. That’s why you’ll have seen, heard or read what LCCI chief executive Richard Burge has been saying, right across the nation’s me- dia over recent weeks. In fact, since he started with LCCI in February, Burge has been a regu- lar on your screens – starting with a spirited debate with Greenpeace on BBC News channel about the mer- its of Heathrow expansion. Burge clearly has a broadcast presence that the media have swiftly recognised, and which LCCI has looked to max- imise during the pandemic crisis on behalf of its membership. Surviving The pace of adequate government and banking sector support is the dif- ference between a business surviving or going to the wall during the cur- rent crisis, and LCCI has been forth- right in making this clear in the me- dia and to policy makers. The first half of April saw LCCI quoted in over 50 media outlets, reaching over eight million people across the country. There have been interviews on Sky News, BBC News, Channel 4 News, BBC Politics London, BBC Ra- dio London, and Bloomberg Radio, amongst others. A comment piece about banking behaviour during the crisis from Richard Burge in CityAM proved such a talking point that a further 30 media outlets across the UK ran the story, including some big-hitting national print titles. Publicise Whilst we are doing what we can to speak up for the interests of London businesses, many media stories are also dependent on hav- ing businesses themselves to speak to. So, if you have a story that you would happily publicise about how coronavirus is impacting your business, or how you are helping the NHS or your community, or how you’ve adapted your busi- ness to survive during the crisis – then send me an email at press@ We’ve recently helped members to tell their story in prominent London and national media, in- cluding a powerful press release about how our membership has stepped up to help the NHS and key workers – see pages 4 and 5 for the full story. Steven Reilly-Hii is senior media relations manager at LCCI             

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