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                   International May 2020  COVID-19 has brought unparalleled challenges with social distancing protocols touching on our ways of working, learning and living our daily lives. Remote working and home schooling are the new norm, but what are the implications for those who had learning and development on their agenda? As the pandemic disrupts workplaces, we look what learning needs are coming to the fore and how training is adapting in response. Over 80% of training activities have moved online so employees don’t lose invaluable developmental opportunities from in-house or open programmes. Research also shows those working remotely have the desire and time to learn virtually and it can add value to the employer. Right now, workers need to feel more supported and connected so having access to structured e-learning is central to maintaining normality. As remote working has demonstrated, home learning is viable for businesses especially when people still need to learn despite restricted movement. Reliable technology has massively advanced e-learning and webcams are crucial in helping people stay educated, connected and relevant. The priority is to keep things moving with leaders acquiring new skills to lead their remote teams and take charge in these uncharted waters. So virtual coaching and training are pivotal in achieving this and just as effective especially when the emphasis is on virtual. With attention paid to the technology, the social aspects and the learning itself, workers can still benefit from virtual training which will involve them in the learning process. Content must be rich, practical and immersive so it engages and also allows for shared learning with practice and a free flow of information to reinforce and embed learning. Priorities may have shifted with safety front of mind for many learners who want to use online courses to at a time when we are all practicing social distancing, but there does not have to be a compromise on quality. Training and coaching in a lockdown need be no different and can still be a powerful experience with employees accessing the same high-quality content and trainers to ensure consistency and continuity. Educators have an enormous role to play in helping people during this crisis. To come through it, our workers and leaders are going to need support more than ever to be equipped with new skills to enable them to collaborate, be better communicators and use their human attributes to the best of their ability as everyone pulls together. The AoEC is a leading global provider of accredited coach training for individuals and in- house, executive coaching and coaching-based solutions for organisations. To arrange a free virtual coaching conversation or to attend a virtual open event, please visit, email or call us on 020 7127 5125. SPONSORED COLUMN 15    Overseas business opportunities Do you want to access a selection of business co-operation offers made by European companies wishing to work with UK firms? Every month Enterprise Europe Network publishes a Business Opportunities in Europe Bulletin, which contains the latest co-operation offers from companies across the EU and beyond. To find out more about this issue’s listed overseas business opportunities or to subscribe to the bulletin, contact Enterprise Europe Network London at enterprise. or 020 7248 1992. Romania Transylvanian manufacturer of wooden hot tubs with 19 years’ experience in manufacturing wooden products wishes to enlarge its clients’ portfolio by selling its hot tubs via an international agent on the basis of a commercial agency agreement. REF: BORO20200303001 Lithuania A manufacturer of polymerizing vinyl chloride (PVC) windows, doors, sliding and folding systems, winter gardens and other aluminum constructions is offering production. The company is looking for trade intermediaries and is seeking to work under commercial agency agreements or distribution services agreements with them. A subcontracting agreement could be offered to potential partners as well. REF: BOLT20200302002 Poland Distributor of ventilation and air conditioning systems, with experience in the industry and a wide portfolio of clients, offers its services as a distributor and representative of producers of heat exchangers. Cooperation is offered in the form of distribution or commercial agreement. REF: BRPL20200309001 Netherlands An e-tailer specialises in selling leather products like bags and shoes. For their web shop, the company is looking for new fashionable brands of leather/leatherette travel bags and suitcases for the low and middle segment. They are looking for brands based in Europe. A commercial agency agreement may be provided. REF: BRNL20200229001 Germany A textile company which manufacturescommercial carpets with different finishing options and applications for walls and floors is offering weaving, finishing and laser treatment for woven heavy fabrics. The company is seeking partners from the textile industry, preferably from the technical textile sector. The collaboration is envisaged under sub-contracting agreements. REF: BODE20200306001 Russian Creator ofa high-tech ball valve with a metal seal which is designed to work in conditions of high thermal loads at nuclear power plants. The company is looking for reliable suppliers of various metal pipe fittings (e.g. nuts, covers, front elements, drive unit) for the manufacture of valves and for the conclusion of a supplier agreement. REF: BRRU20200213004 Israel Company, active in the field of plastic manufacturing, has developed an innovative anti-finger trapping product. The door fitting is a simple and economical safety measure, particularly in situations where children or the elderly could sustain finger trapping injuries. The company is looking for a distribution agreement for this innovative product. REF: BOIL20190721001 Italy Company offers seafood and vegetable preserves in oil and pickles. It can produce under its own brand or the customers’ label. A range of over 300 high-quality (certified International Food Standard) products allows this company to satisfy the needs of every request. The food producer is interested in negotiating a distribution agreement and/ or a commercial agency agreement. REF: BOIT20200312001          The virtues of virtual learning  

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