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 4 Your business   May 2020 Chamber members step up for the NHS and London  With coronavirus continuing to impact the country and the NHS under increasing pressure, LCCI members have been playing a key role in helping the capital and health service to respond to the crisis. Steven Reilly-Hii reports From providing bikes so NHS staff can commute safely, to provision of accommodation, food, and supplies, appeals for PPE for disability carers, through to providing their premises for NHS purposes – Chamber members have stepped up to help the coronavirus response. Richard Burge, LCCI chief ex- ecutive commented: “So many of London and the UK’s businesses are showing right now just how much people matter to them – whether their own employees, NHS staff, or those they are caring for. It’s won- derful to see so many businesses providing vital support to the NHS and assisting our national response. Business is so often a force for good, and that fact doesn’t always make the headlines in normal times.” Entrepreneur and philanthropist LCCI members playing a role in- clude Here To Help London: a new initiative created and supported by entrepreneur and philanthro- pist Tony Matharu to assist London in the unprecedented Covid-19 cri- sis. Matharu, an LCCI board member and chair of its Asian Business As- sociation, established the initiative to help key workers and wider com- munity during the pandemic. “So many of London and the UK’s businesses are showing right now just how much people matter to them.” healthcare workers to redeem at their nearest OYO hotel. As the coronavirus crisis began, OYO UK announced that it was keeping over 2,000 rooms open to accommodate key workers who are unable to work from home and are in need of places to stay close to their place of employment. The company introduced significantly reduced fixed rate pricing across its UK properties to remove unpre- dictability, allowing individuals and businesses to accurately budget for contingency accommodation. Free bike loans Also supporting key workers, Brompton Bike Hire, the sister company to Brompton Bicycle Ltd – the UK’s largest bicycle manufac- turer – approached St Barts Hos- pital and NHS London to provide free bike loans for their frontline staff who wished to avoid being crammed onto buses and trains during the coronavirus crisis. To date, over 500 NHS staff have reg- istered for the free rental of a Bro- mpton Bike. Brompton then went further, by unveiling a new initiative which aims to get over 1,000 Brompton bikes hired free to NHS staff dur- ing the Covid-19 pandemic. The Wheels for Heroes campaign has seen Brompton Bike Hire launch a Crowdfunder and commit pro- duction costs equating to an invest- ment of up to £100,000 to fund bikes for NHS workers. With public and corporate support, the bikes will be produced at below cost price and loaned straight to healthcare work- ers via the Brompton Bike Hire network for as long as lockdown re- strictions are in place.    Co-sponsored by Handsfree Group, Blue Orchid Hotels, Integ- rity International Group and Global Hospitality Services, Here to Help London has already provided over 3,500 room nights and over 20,000 meals to a mix of NHS service pro- viders, key workers, local authority referrals, specialist Covid-19 con- tractors, those in search of support- ed self-isolation, together with for- eign nationals left stranded due to travel restrictions. The initiative has also helped dis- tribute soap and hand lotion, free eggs, and even the preparation of free pancakes for Easter to be deliv- ered to central London hospitals. Frontline Also helping key workers to stay centrally is OYO Hotels & Homes – who have launched a new ‘virtual hotel’ named OYO Rooms for Car- ers where the public can book over- night stays (at the cost of £25 per room, per night), which are passed over to NHS Trusts for frontline   

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