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 42 Your business   May 2020   Members’ noticeboard           n The 6th Utility GCL Building Technologies understand that 21st Century buildings must perform significantly better for you in environmental, social and economic terms. The 6th utility, smart technology and infrastructure systems across the network can help significantly, not only in reducing CO2 emissions through energy management, monitoring systems and information systems which provide ‘sustainable choices’, but it also has a critical role to play in making the buildings we inhabit fit to support our needs in the future. GCL Building Technologies invites you to explore cost effective ways to improve your buildings performance via a new website and welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with the construction, commercial, private and property management sectors. For further information, please contact Tracey McRobert on 020 3906 6070 or email TraceyM@ n Harod Harod is a well-established investigation company based in the heart of London. We combine traditional and legal investigation techniques with proprietary cutting-edge cyber technology. Together with our worldwide networks and extensive background in UK law enforcement, we are well positioned to identify, investigate and resolve your most complex issues. As a leading global investigation and intelligence company, our approach is unique. We deliver a seamless blend of traditional, proven investigative techniques and industry-leading proprietary cyber technology capabilities. With longstanding careers in UK law enforcement, our investigators have led on state- level investigations, supported world sporting bodies, and provided trusted counsel to corporations and private clients around the world. n Helping to safeguard firms’ top assets Looking after your employee’s mental wellbeing has never been more challenging, with team members furloughed, working remotely or operating as part of a skeleton crew to comply with coronavirus restrictions. But employment expert Amica HR is going the extra mile to help employers after partnering with occupational health specialist BlueBell Healthcare. This means that if Amica HR’s clients are struggling to balance employees’ performance and wellbeing issues, they can now call on BlueBell’s expertise to provide great all-round support. Research by Deloitte suggests that poor mental health cost UK bosses more than £43 billion in 2018. That was an increase of 16 per cent since the previous estimate of £37bn in 2016. For further information, please contact David Grech or Suzanne Tricker on 01522 370190 or visit n Premises Vacant During Lockdown? Legionella thrives in man-made water systems such as those found in premises such as offices, factories, schools and hospitals. If your premises have been vacant during lockdown, before the building is reoccupied and becomes operational again it may be necessary to review your Legionella Risk Assessment and potentially conduct sampling and disinfection. Irrespective, any duty holder must have a valid Legionella risk assessment for their buildings. Get in touch with Ensafe Legionella Services on 01604 878 190 or email – we can help you reduce Legionella risk within your building. n Crimestoppers Connections magazine These are extraordinary times as our country faces the challenges of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. For Crimestoppers, this difficult period has seen a significant increase in calls and online contacts from the public – not just offering reports on people directly threatening the health of others by spreading the virus, but also providing vital information on all types of crime to support law enforcement across the United Kingdom. For information on some of the things our charity has been up to, please see the latest edition Crimestoppers’ Connections. The series of short articles have been written by people from key organisations and influencers that we work with. They, like you, value our essential role in helping support intelligence gathering and giving the public a chance to speak up about crime 100% anonymously. n Conrad Family Office Conrad Family Office is delighted to announce that it has joined forces with the deVere Group. Having worked increasingly closely with each other in recent months the management teams at Conrad and deVere have now entered a more formal partnership arrangement. People, not numbers, are at the core of both the deVere and Conrad ethos, with both recognising that the success of their clients is key to their own success. Together they combine vast experience assisting overseas and expatriate clients in a wide range of services, particularly ways in which they can take advantage of London’s once again booming high end property market. Several exciting initiatives are already in the pipeline... n Assistance or support during Covid-19 Pearse Trust is an acknowledged expert provider of companies, partnerships and trusts, established in several jurisdictions around the world. We are on hand to assist should you require assistance or support during Covid-19 Our highly qualified personnel include lawyers, accountants, tax advisors, company secretaries, trust advisors and banking personnel, who provide advice on all aspects of the establishment and management of such structures. Many of our clients have worked with us for 10, 20 or even 30 years. If you would like to learn more about the services we provide, please email info@pearse-trust. ie or meetings@pearse-trust. ie if you wish to be contacted via phone or video conference call. In addition, please feel free to peruse the many ‘white papers’, blogs and other useful information on our website. n IMSM promoting medical safety and supporting our NHS IMSM, to promote medical safety and support our NHS, will be donating 5% of every ISO 13485 Medical Device Standard sold now until the end of June 2020 to the client’s local NHS Trust. In the last few weeks communities and businesses have come together in response to Covid-19 and to show support for our NHS. Seemingly overnight, companies started developing systems to help with producing masks, lab coats, ventilators, and other lifesaving equipment and products. Producing these materials quickly is essential; however, the safety and effectiveness of these products are even more so. Therefore, following proper processes and management systems are just as important to ensure safety standards are adhered to. Please reach out – IMSM wants to help. For further information, please call 01793 688990, email or visit        Enquiries: ian.weatherhead@ Call John Clifford on (03333) 232 551   

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