Beth Horn was the main speaker at this summer’s LCCI London Tech Week reception

The incoming managing director of Pinterest – the successful image sharing and social media service – spoke of her career highlights to date and the factors which position London at the forefront of the global tech industry.

Her journey in the industry began with in New York, followed by years in search engine marketing. In 2011, Horn joined Meta (then Facebook) in Silicon Valley, where she grew the platform’s retail business in the US. She moved with Meta to London in 2018, a city she praised for the concentration of opportunity which inspires growth and development.

Over the past decade London has been transformed into a dynamic and thriving ecosystem, valued at over £600 billion, that fosters innovation, attracts foreign direct investment (FDI) and supports burgeoning entrepreneurial ventures. London’s success, Horn noted, is a testament to the city’s connectivity, talent-rich community and robust venture capital operation which fosters growth.

Location, argued Horn, is a key factor. London’s status as a gateway to Europe and beyond makes the city an attractive destination for international investors and companies looking to expand their reach. This is why the UK capital is home to some of the largest and most influential companies in the world, such as Google and Meta, and Pinterest.

Defining innovation
London has consistently been ranked as one of the top destinations for FDI in the tech sector – in 2023 alone, the city attracted billions in investment, and now reigns supreme in Europe, attracting more investment than Paris and Berlin combined. London has also created over 100 unicorns, and Horn touched on the inspiring story of Gymshark – an example of a British company delivering incredible growth, challenging incumbents, and defining innovation.

Beth Horn also praised the diverse ecosystem in London which spreads far beyond the tech sector into finance, government, arts and culture, and more. The variety in London adds to the city’s appeal and, she argued, makes it the best city in the world to do business.

The reception, held in partnership with London Tech Week, was attended by business and technology leaders from across the global technology community including delegations from India, the US and Turkey, and was sponsored by Crowe UK LLP