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Change Innovators is a leadership development company that provides life-changing programs designed to transform individuals by increasing self-awareness and fostering personal accountability.

Utilising methodologies validated for their effectiveness in optimising business performance, our programs are rooted in Positive Psychology, brain-based science, and heart/brain coherence, enhancing emotional regulation and cognitive function.

Guided by our purpose, Change Innovators is dedicated to cultivating better business communities that grow from within while fostering more meaningful human connections worldwide – one leader at a time.


New World Leadership TM
Transformational leadership program that is globally recognized and international acclaimed. Based on 20 years of research and science. Facilitated on 4 continents

Coaching as a Leader
Transform your organisation’s communication style, and build a culture of trust, transparency and open dialogue.

Purpose Driven Values Based Culture
Transform your culture into one that’s grounded in purpose and meaning. Create a culture where human connection can thrive.

Creating Positive Energy
Leverage accountability to increase happiness and wellbeing. Roots to resiliency.

The Resilience Advantage
Hit the reset button when stress occurs, learn the proven HeartMath TMbreathing techniques for better heart/brain coherence.

Emotional Intelligence
Learn when, why and how to use emotions effectively in leadership. Emotional regulation is critical.


With 20 years of global experience helping leaders harness compassion and coherence to cultivate optimal brain function and high-performance cultures. There has never been a better time to embrace it.

A revolution in flexible working and the influx of a new generation have led to a greater focus on the individual, mental health, and well-being. Traditional rigid leadership is being replaced by a more human model of empowerment and compassion. In this, we’re way ahead of the game.

True and meaningful change doesn’t come from quick fixes. Our transformational programs focus on changing behaviours and rewiring the brain to foster self-awareness and genuine accountability.

We invite our leaders to lean into their curiosity and see the world through a new lens. By unlocking constructive compassion for each individual, they can begin to understand how best to help them reach their full potential.

This creates a ripple effect, building momentum for your business now and far into the future while extending compassion into communities for a better society.

Change Innovators operates globally with a team of accredited coaches and trainers in the UK, Europe, the Americas, Asia, and the Pacific.


Furthermore, we actively contribute to shaping a brighter future by collaborating with charities and environmental organisations to cultivate a kinder, stronger, and more resilient world for future generations. Together, let’s strive to make the world a better place, one leader at a time.

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“We routinely send leaders through the Change Innovators leadership program and find it a critical element of our cultural evolution. The principles and strategies that are covered are engaging and challenging for participants and give them a great perspective on leading and being effective team players.”

Dan Koschik
President Arow Global Corp

“We hired Change Innovators to set up a program to assist with the merging of two cultures as well development of leadership, especially in the top two layers of our organisation. The program was excellent and really accelerated the growth of our new organisation at such a pivotal time. I can personally see the change in approach and leadership of our team that will last long into the future.”

Mike Leopold
Chief Executive Officer

“We have worked with Change Innovators to explore and define our Culture. Our first experience was through the Transforming Culture course, followed by Coaching as a Leader training for our senior leadership team. The format and delivery are excellent, and the content is spot on!”

Karen MacDonald
Vice President