The Migration Museum, founded in 2011 by Barbara Roche, a former Immigration Minister, has since been at the heart of who we are and where are we going as individuals, as communities and as nations writes Elizabeth Skewes Castañeda

It is currently the venue for two outstanding exhibitions that touch on the origins and diverse richness of the NHS and what each of us call home.

Migration and the making of the NHS: The National Health Service was created over 75 years ago and from the outset it grew and strengthened its foundations with the willing hands of migrants coming to the UK to help making a grand vision of a better society a reality.

Nowhere to go but anywhere: Acclaimed artist Tribambuka explores the intricate layers of what we call home and invites audiences to immerse into that deeply personal concept: where or what is home? Is it a person? A place? A feeling? Or perhaps a memory?

The Migration Museum is temporarily located in Lewisham Shopping centre and will be moving to a permanent location in the City of London in 2027