For two decades, Change Innovators has been at the forefront of transformative leadership development, empowering individuals, teams, and organisations worldwide.

Change Innovators has successfully assisted companies in the UK, Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Pacific, helping thousands of Executives, Directors, Managers and Frontline leaders in achieving their leadership development goals, resulting in tangible improvements in organisational performance and employee satisfaction.

1. Change Innovators offers a range of programs rooted in positive performance psychology, brain-based science, and heart/brain coherence, enhancing emotional regulation and cognitive function.

2. Programs include New World Leadership TM, Coaching as a Leader, Purpose Driven Values Based Culture, Creating Positive Energy, The Resilience Advantage TM, and Emotional Intelligence.

3. With 20 years of global experience, Change Innovators focuses on changing behaviours and rewiring the brain to foster self-awareness and genuine accountability.

4. The company collaborates with charities and environmental organisations to contribute to shaping a brighter future for the next generations.

Recent industry recognition: Yvonne Thompson, MA. FCPHR, SHRM-SCP, Founder of Change Innovators, was awarded the esteemed Fellowship of the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (FCPHR) Award by CPHR Manitoba.

Quote: “We understand what it is to be human and are committed to helping individuals and businesses thrive in today’s dynamic world.” – Yvonne Thompson, Founder, Change Innovators

Testimonial: “Thanks to Change Innovators, we navigated a complex merger seamlessly, understanding and aligning diverse cultures for success. Considering 2/3 mergers fail, this was a real positive impact for us.” Jamie Jongsma, Chief Financial Officer, Convertus Group.

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Change Innovators is a leading provider of life-changing programs designed to transform individuals and businesses through innovative leadership development. Focusing on enhancing emotional intelligence, fostering self-awareness, and promoting genuine accountability, Change Innovators empowers individuals and organisations to thrive in today’s ever-evolving world.

For media inquiries, please contact: Yvonne Thompson, Founder, Change Innovators
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